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Charities have been in place for hundreds of years in one form or another offering help for needy causes. What began as groups focused on helping people in dire straits has evolved into worldwide charities and nonprofit groups committed to improving the world as a whole.
In order for a business to classified as a charity, they must be registered as a 501(c)(3) organization with the IRS. In order to qualify, the business cannot show a profit. Any revenue must be either reinvested in the organization or budgeted for the next year. Adhering to this code makes the organization is tax-exempt, giving it more financial resources to further its causes.
Donating time or money to a charitable organization can be a noble way to support a community or an important cause. Volunteers and funding are what make these charities possible. Listed below are a few kinds of organizations that are striving to make the world a better place.

Health-Related Charities
These groups focus on improving health standards both locally and around the world. Their intent will range from promoting public awareness of certain health risks to funding research for diseases to helping pay for medical treatments.

Environmental Groups
These nonprofits look for ways to save the planet from an early extinction caused by the carelessness of humanity in the past. With a clear vision of the impact of everyone’s carbon footprint, they work to educate awareness of ecological concerns as well as seeking out new ways to both save and rebuild the environment.

Animal Charities
Animal-rights groups devote their time and resources to fight animal cruelty and neglect throughout the world. Their funding is used to create better and safer living conditions for all animals as well as to promote awareness for causes like endangerment and encroachment.

Educational Charities
Individuals who are concerned with both promoting the value of education and increasing the availability of educational opportunities support these charities. Their efforts can include providing free after-school programs or rallying for equal opportunities in public schools.

International Non-governmental Organizations
These are world-wide charities that focus on everything from hunger to disaster relief to child sponsorship. Their goals are not focused on one nation but rather on all, and they strive to improve conditions globally.