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Donating unused clothes is a fantastic way to give to those in need. However, not all donations work the same. For instance, Goodwill will resell the clothing or convert it to cash which is then used to help those in need. This is helpful, of course, but donating good, wearable clothes to local charities may have a more lasting effect. There are a couple of options for doing just that in the Boston area.


Donating to Those in Need

One such organization you can donate clothes to directly is the Friday Night Supper Program at the Arlington Street Church. When clothing is donated here, the clothes are sorted through piece by piece with attention to the individual needs of folks utilizing the program. This means that rather than the clothes ending up in a huge dumpster full of other items, the clothes make it onto the backs of those in need on Boston’s streets.


Another such organization by which a donation will be directly helpful is the Room to Grow organization. One can donate lightly used infant or toddler clothing. The organization has a family center in Dorchester where they offer material and emotional support. The purpose of Room to Grow is to get low-income children on track for schooling on time. Contributions to Room to Grow will directly clothe young infants and toddlers in need.


Solutions at Work is another program geared toward aiding young people. Solutions at Work has a children’s clothing exchange program as well as provides professional wear to low-income men and women entering job training programs through them. Winter clothing is an extremely helpful donation to this organization, as well.


Another organization that accepts clothing donations is Second Chances. This organization specifically provides clothing, shoes, accessories, and more to homeless and low-income individuals. Again, clothing donations would end up directly on the backs of those in need.


There is also the Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program. Between October and March, this program accepts winter gear donations. In addition, they maintain an ongoing donation needs list that you can review before donating.


There are multitudes of ways to donate your clothing in the Boston area. Donating your clothing to an organization like Goodwill is commendable; however, donations are able to have a more immediate, and lasting effect if they are going directly to those in need as they do with the aforementioned programs.